COVID-19 Guidelines

We are aware of these difficult times and therefore we would like to be as cooperative as possible to adapt to the needs of all applicants and their safety. Currently, Tenerife is a risk zone but it is possible to travel with a PCR test taken not longer than 72 hours before arriving at the airport and quarantine is not needed. We understand that situation can change, which is why, The International Music Festival and Competition of Tenerife will refund the full fee, including the accommodation fee (please note, no traveling expenses included), and with a valid proof if:

  • you have been tested positive with COVID-19

  • your flight is cancelled due to COVID-19 and have no alternative travel options.

  • A 14-day quarantine has been placed in Tenerife during the festival period.

  • A lockdown takes place during the festival period in Tenerife.


Covid-19 Hygienic routines

During your time in Tenerife, to avoid the risk of COVID-19 infections please respect the following instructions:

- In case of unclear health symptoms, which are associated to COVID-19, you have to self-isolate immediately. Please check yourself honestly before starting your journey to Tenerife.

 - Please keep always a safety distance of 1,5 m to each other.

 - To reduce the numbers of people in the building, please arrive at your warm up time in the auditorium and not earlier, we will let you know your earliest time of arrival.

- There is a one-way system to get in and out of the auditorium, a map of the building will be sent to you a week before your arrival.

-  Please always use a face mask.

 - Please wash your hands regularly, use possibilities for hand disinfection and respect general hygienic standards.

- For your performance, please use your own music stand from your preparation place and return it afterwards.

- For pianos, there will be disinfection gels provided, you must use them before and after to wipe the keyboard and surfaces of the pianos.