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General information:



The competition will take place between the 15th to 18th February 2023 in San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife, Spain. Competitors must arrive on Tuesday the 14th of  February for registration. The final, prize giving ceremony and concert of winners will be on the 18th.

-14th February 8.30pm- Registration and welcome meeting.

-15th & 16th February- 1st Rounds

-17th & 18th February- Final 

-18th February at 7.00pm -Prize giving ceremony followed by the winners concert.

The deadline for the competition entry is the  13th January 2023 at 12pm (GMT).

Please note that there is not preliminary video selection but there is a limited number of places at the competition. You will be notified within 5 days after you send your full application if you have been accepted.

Important information:


All participants in the competition must stay at the Hotel. The total fee is 450€ (double room) or 550€ (individual room). Individual rooms are limited and allocated on first come first served basis. 

This price includes: the competition entry, the stay in the hotel for 5 nights (arriving on the 14th and leaving on the 19th February) in all inclusive basis, that means that all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), drinks at the hotel and snacks are also included.

Discounted prices are available for triple rooms, children, etc.

More information about the facilities and prices see the accommodation page.

Who can apply

The competition is open to young musicians of all nationalities, up to 32 years of age at the time of the competition. There are three categories:

- Piano 

- Violin

- Lower Strings (viola, cello, and double bass).

Competition Process:



There are two rounds for each category.

1st Round: 10 -14 minutes.

Final Round: 18 minutes.

If your program is exceeding the time limit, this could result in the jury stopping the performance. This will not affect the jury's decision on the result of the competition. 



The program is free choice of any style of an entire piece, selection of pieces or selection of movements, and it has to be a different program in the 1st Round and the Final Round. Details of composers and title of the pieces and movements must be clearly written in the application form. Please note contemporary works which involve pre-adjustment of the piano will not be accepted, neither will works composed by the contestant themselves.  

For Strings: The program is also free choice but in the 1st Round must contain at least one solo /unaccompanied piece, (For example: a study, a caprice, a selection of movements from a solo sonata or partita, etc).


Piano accompanist for Strings:


There are two official professional accompanists in the competition. The fee is 50€ for the rehearsals + performances and must be paid in advance with the application form. This fee is not refundable in case of cancelling after deadline or not passing to the final round. Alternatively, competitors can also bring their own pianist at their own expense. Please note, if choosing the official accompanist you must send the music in advance in PDF format to




All competitors must bring one copy for the jury and the piano parts for the accompanist.




Each category has 3 prizes each. The Grand Prize will be awarded to the best performer from all categories and special prize to the best performance under the age of 17.


1º Prize: 1000€ + Diploma

2º Prize:   500€ + Diploma

3º Prize:  Diploma


Grand Prize: 2000€ + Diploma

Special Prize: 250€ + Diploma



The Jury is composed by renowned international musicians.

The decisions of the Jury are final. The Jury reserves the right to not award the Prize if it does not reach the competition standards. 

The prizes can also be shared or ex aequo.

Application Process:

1) Please transfer the entry fee of 150€ + piano accompanist fee of 50€ (if applicable). The remaining 300€ (double room choice) or 400€ (individual room choice) you will pay after the deadline or on your arrival. Bank details below:

Bank account details:

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya

IBAN: ES93 0182 5624 2202 0853 1332


Bank address:


Avenida Fernando Salazar González S/N
Las Galletas Arona , 38631, Tenerife, Spain

 Beneficiary´s address:

Asociación Amigos de la Música

Address: Ctra. General no.22, Urbanización Garañaña, Las Galletas, 38630, Tenerife

2) Submit the competition application form on this website.


3) Send the following documents:

-Proof of payment

-Copy of Passport or ID 

-Profile photo for the program. (JPEG format file and rename the file under your name)

Please note that the application form will not be accepted and completed without the proof of payment. After the deadline, the entry fee or accompanist fee will not be refundable.

The deadline is the 13th January 2023

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